Posted by: Joy | January 1, 2012

Day 1 of 2012

Here we are at the beginning of another new year. This year I have many goals for documenting my life. I am eager to do the 365 project, but I am not going to pressure myself into making sure I have a photo every single day, so this may even turn into a 52 project! haha! I know I could do one photo every week, but then I would have so many extra photos! This year my daughter, Misty will be doing this project as well. I will link to her blog when she has one ready.

Today’s photo is just symbolic of the changing of the seasons. As we start a new year, we will be taking all our Christmas decorations down tomorrow and putting them away. We will be cleaning the house really good and maybe even rearranging the furniture. We spent our New Years Eve apart, as the hubby had to work and Brittany was with her friends. Jacob and I stayed at home watching TV and then I went to bed early because I got up so early in the morning. We had a very special day yesterday, it was Jacob’s first time at the temple. So, we took a few photos there to commemorate the day. I will include a few here…



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