Posted by: Joy | February 13, 2012

Day 44 – 2012

I need to drink at LEAST 60 oz. of water a day, and so I found a way to track how much water I get during the day. I used to drink small 16 oz bottles of water twice a day, but that was not enough. I found myself being dehydrated most of the time… that is until I found this great water bottle at Winco. It has a dial on the top that you can change from 1 to 3 to know how many times you have filled it that day. It also has a filter screen to keep ice in the bottle and not coming out when you drink. I love it and it holds 34 oz so I only refill it once after lunch. Each morning I fill it with ice and take it to work and fill it up with the sparklets water they have there. It has really helped keep me hydrated. I have made it a habit to take a drink every time I look at it!


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